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Online Business Strategy

We’ve all heard about the businesses that are making millions through the Internet but for most the reality falls a long way short of their online expectations.

It doesn’t have to be this way, conduct a strategic review of your online activities, produced a road map to get from where you are now to where you expected to be and then take action to implement your plan then many more businesses would be exceeding their expectations.

We can help your businesses work through structured and proven steps to maximise your online success.

Concept Evaluation

As entrepreneurs we are all gifted with drive and determination but when looking at a new concept for a business this gift can be a curse because we will always see the build on the positives and discount the negatives.

We can help by conducting an independent peer review of your business concept to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything. Often we are able to make recommendations that provide a short cut to success.

Working with us can help build the confidence necessary for stakeholders and partners to ensure your venture is successful.


Many technology business start because a small number of existing clients ask for a solution to a problem that they are experiencing. In many ways this is an excellent way to develop a new product, with a paying beta customer.

We help you take the next steps to roll your product to a wider client base, this may involve widening the feature set to appeal to a wider audience and will certainly involve developing a sales and marketing strategy.

We can help to speed up both of these aspects to ensure that your business generates substantial revenues at the earliest opportunity.

Project Management

All technology businesses need to evolve otherwise they will wither and die. Often the leaders of the business are full engaged in the day to day operations to plan and manage the projects which are need to grow the business.

Regardless of whether you need to develop the next release of your product or upgrade the internal systems and procedures of the business we can help by planning and managing the projects that are need for success.

Working with us can help speed the progress of the business to enable you to reach the potential of the business in the shortest time.

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